BeyondTrust Saves 60% of Manual Time with Absorb LMS


BeyondTrust needed an LMS to drive administrative efficiency and empower it to onboard a global network of partners. Watch the video to hear how Absorb LMS enabled the company to dramatically scale--while still delivering strong value.

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Bently Henderson
7 months agoJune 17, 2020
Our organization is anxious to make use of your product (Absorb) as  ASAP & Epathlearning is no longer available for our use. The latter became an essential part of our tool kit in accomplishing our training mission. Unfortunately we are in a limbo state as we await our administrator login ID & passwords. We are having to revert back to mass classroom gatherings with instructor at chalkboard. This impedes our organization's workflow by taking essential personnel away from their duties all at once.
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